Wellbeing Programs

Grow Wellbeing

Grow Wellbeing is an early intervention mental wellbeing service that works with schools to provide child psychology, social work and occupational therapy supports to students. Practitioners assist with the development of positive mental health and build cognitive, emotional, social and academic skills that improve students’ ability to manage at school and at home.

Labs ‘n Life

The Labs ‘n Life program provides an opportunity for students to assist in the training of Labrador Retrievers to become assistance dogs for families of children on the autism spectrum. Working with the dogs increases self-esteem, a sense of accomplishment, a sense of responsibility and builds trust, empathy and work ethic. Throughout the program students develop skills in areas such as; communication, emotional regulation, the value of reward and positive reinforcement and how to meet objectives without the use of force.

Hoops 4 Life

The Hoops 4 Life program engages students through the sport of basketball. The program aims to: build young people’s skills in critical thinking and problem-solving, strengthen positive norms and behaviours; ensure young people engage in interactive and challenging examination of beliefs and biases that stand in the way of healthy attitudes and actions; help change negative behaviours before young people put themselves at risk; and to create safe and healthy environments that are memorable, valuable and fun for kids.

Creating Ripples

Creating Ripples is a youth mentoring service that includes roles of Aboriginal Wellbeing Support, Aboriginal Mentoring and coaching young people in a range of programs and sports that promote wellbeing within small groups or one-to-one sessions. Strategies include mentoring and support, facilitating practical intervention and prevention techniques and strategies that are culturally appropriate to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. The program is delivered from a strength-based approach and school community-led decision making process that enhances an individual’s capacity and empowers families to sustain positive changes with their learning and lives.

Youth Opportunities

Youth Opportunities is a leadership program that addresses the influence of positive and negative communication messages, anti-bullying, goal setting, and how to enjoy your school life. The program is about learning to be the ‘best you can be’ and specifically addresses building students’ confidence, motivation, future direction, relationships, communication techniques and goal setting abilities.

Operation Flinders

Operation Flinders is a unique Wilderness Therapy Program delivered by the Operation Flinders Foundation. The program takes place on their Flinders Ranges property of Yankaninna Station, an hour’s drive from Copley. The program provides young people aged 13-18 with opportunities to develop team skills, personal strengths and resilience, learn bush survival skills and enjoy exciting challenges while walking in the Flinders Ranges. Thousands of young Australians have participated in past years within many finding the experience rewarding and life changing.

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh is for students in years 9 – 12 (must be 14 years old or above). It is a Youth Development Programme where each young person must learn a skill, improve their physical wellbeing, volunteer in their community, and experience a team adventure.
There are three levels of the programme: Bronze, Silver and Gold where each becomes progressively more challenging. Achieving the award will allow 10 SACE credits at Bronze level (minimum of 6 months) and Silver Level (minimum of 6 months if Bronze completed) and 20 SACE credits at Gold Level (minimum of 12 months).
The Duke of Edinburgh provides a positive impact on the participants allowing them to achieve their personal best, learn to take responsibility for their goals and choices, engage with their community, persevere, overcome barriers to success and increase their career opportunities.

Friendship Day

Year 8 students are involved in a day to encourage friendships throughout the year 8 cohort, as well as to develop a sense of belonging to the school and their CARE group. The day is based at a swimming pool and students can participate in fun activities both in the pool and out. Senior student House Captains run the events and activities, and provide music and a sausage sizzle for the day. This is also a time for CARE teachers to work with students to get to know them better. It is a fun day and students are able to forge new friendships as well as enjoy old ones.

Success Celebration

Each term student award winners are invited to attend a catered lunch where we celebrate success through our Dux awards, 100% Attendance and School Values. Dux is awarded to students who achieve the highest grades within their year level, 100% Attendance awards are for students who attended every day of the previous term and our School Values awards are issued to students who have demonstrated our school values of respect, creativity and success to an exceptional level in line with ‘Our Values in Action’.

School Dental Service – Growing up Smiling

We offer all students access to an onsite dental check-up at no out of pocket expense through Dental Outreach’s ‘Grow Up Smiling’ program. The independently run schools dental program is one of the largest and most successful children’s dental programs in South Australia.

Check-ups are scheduled to be performed at Craigmore High School twice per year by Dentists and Oral Health Therapists each of whom have relevant professional training, clearances and equipment required to perform high quality dental services in a school setting.

If you would like your child to access this service please collect an information pack from Student Reception.