The Hub

At Craigmore High School the Engagement and Wellbeing structures play a central role to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all members of the Craigmore High School community. The practices address the interconnection between wellbeing and student engagement and acknowledge that one is not exclusive of the other.

The Wellbeing and Engagement Team aims to support our students to achieve success, both in and outside of school; and to ensure that our students receive the necessary supports in order to do so. Our team has a strong focus on relationships and recognises that positive relationships are key to ensuring that our students can access these supports. Central to the team’s practices is the consideration that many students have experienced trauma in a range of forms, and hence we employ a Trauma Informed approach. We also embed a range of Restorative Practices into our procedures and incorporate these ideas when assisting students to repair any damaged relationships that they may experience.

The team is based in The Hub, which is a centralised location for students to access and/or receive the appropriate information, supports and services; whether it be through our onsite services, such as the Therapeutic Team, or via referral to external agencies. The Therapeutic Team supports our students with their wellbeing via one-to-one sessions as well as running various groups with focuses on emotional regulation and building resilience.

The Hub provides the following support for students:

  1. A safe space for students to regulate their emotions and have time to reflect
  2. Provides a crucial link between students and any support they require
  3. Connect with support staff where they can generate effective solutions to their problems
  4. Therapeutic Team appointments
  5. Students who have been identified with the issuing of a ‘Hub Card’ may refer themselves after a conversation with their subject teacher if they require emotional or learning support
  6. A space for students to go when they are faced with a stressful situation
  7. Academic and social skill tutoring for IESP funded students and Learning Support classes

Our Engagement and Wellbeing Team consists of: 

  • Senior Leader: Learner Engagement and Wellbeing
  • Year Level Leader at each year level
  • Hub Manager
  • Leader of Inclusive Education
  • Senior Youth Worker
  • Youth Support Workers
  • Pastoral Support Worker
  • Learning Support SSOs
  • Supervising Teacher